Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wanna make some extra $$$? (I’m sharing me “secret!”)

I’m sure some of you are sick of hearing about Advocare, but I know there are also several of you who asked for more info, so here it is! (So if you’re not interested, you can just skip this post.)

I am just SO excited about this right now that I feel like I NEED to share my RESULTS and a little about this incredible business opportunity with everyone!!! I don’t want any of my friends/blog buddies to ever be able to say “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

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And besides….it’s not a secret! I have lost weight, feel AWESOME, and have earned as much in a month with Advocare as I do in a month of teaching!! (Yes, that is true! I am SO thankful for the extra money right now, as we are about to have to trade my car in- it needs about $4000 worth of work! Fabulous, right??) We have even earned a FREE incentive trip to Amelia Island in July!!


{My friend Emily & her husband Zach get to go on trips all the time with their company, and they always look so fabulous!! Unfortunately teaching & being a contractor like Big Jon is aren’t professions that offer incentive trips, so I’m REALLY thankful to now be a part of a company that rewards your hard work!)

Amelia Island, the Butler’s will see ya soon!!


I know those results/earnings may not be typical with everyone….and you definitely get out what you put in. That’s why I am not pressuring anyone (except my bro and sis-in-law- I am STALKING them because I want them to join so bad and start making some extra moolah!!!!)….So if I haven’t talked to you about it yet, that’s why. I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m being a pushy saleswoman or anything.  Instead, I decided I need to just put MY STORY out there, and if anyone is interested, they can come to me. Problem solved!

But man, what a GREAT opportunity for stay-at-home moms to earn some extra income! Heck, for anybody! Two of the top career earner groups with Advocare are teachers & coaches!! It’s super flexible, and you can put in as little or as much time as you want, from the comfort of your own home!! And check this out….

Now, I do know it’s not right for everybody, but if you’re looking to earn a little extra income AND help people get healthier in the process, this may just be for you!!!

I will tell ya, I started out COMPLETELY skeptical. I definitely didn’t want anything to do with the business side (hello, I’m already the busiest person I know!) because I am an AWFUL “saleswoman.” Awful. And I HATE “selling” stuff. I ONLY signed up as a distributor to get the 20% discount on the products. It was worth it to me to get the discount because it was only a one-time $79, you get $50 worth of free products, and that discount lasts forever and can increase up to 40% as you buy/sell more product. Jon & I already spend a good bit on vitamins, supplements, protein, etc. every month, so that was a no-brainer. Honestly though, I was skeptical about the results from the products too…

I did the research and was excited to see the company uses lots of all natural ingredients and the highest grade and quality of them, which is why it works. I even had a doctor friend of mine check out all the ingredients for me, and he backed up that everything in there was safe. (He even purchased some of the products himself after checking it out!)

I still wanted to see my own results though.  (By the way, now all the people who ordered challenges from me are coming back to me to sign up as distributors with me on my team! They are seeing the results and said they WISH they would have just listened and signed up as a distributor to being with!) It’s no secret that I already eat clean 95% of the time and I work out 4-6 times a week.  However, after training for 2 full marathons and running 40+ miles a week (on top of eating clean & still lifting weights) and NOT losing a pound, I was a little discouraged.  I’m happy with my body and wasn’t really trying to “lose weight,” but it is a little discouraging to feel like you’re working your tail off and not seeing results. OF COURSE I was still skeptical, but I promise on day 2, I FELT RESULTS!!!!  On day 11, I SAW RESULTS!!!!! From then I’ve been absolutely sold that the claims of Advocare are absolutely 100% truth! (And like I said in my post yesterday, more than anything I am LOVING my newfound energy.)  EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has ordered a challenge from me has seen results too. That speaks volumes to me! I will say….this is not even close to a diet, diet pill, etc. It is a complete nutrition system! And when you pair it with some healthy lifestyle changes, it can produce some incredible results and help people get their health moving in a new direction!

I started telling my friends and family about it immediately and they all are trying it and seeing results; and are in turn telling their friends….and the business has just EXPLODED! And the great news?? I haven’t had to “sell” anything to anyone. All I’m doing is sharing my success and LOVE for the products…..They’re so good that they totally sell themselves.

So check this short video out if you’re interested…(just click on the link below)

Is Advocare Right For YOU??

This AWESOME SITE has tons more info about the 24 day challenge, product training, why we need to supplement, why Advocare products are safe for college athletes (banned substance free), etc.

If you’re the least bit interested, please consider this opportunity and at least e-mail me to find out more. Like I said, I know it’s NOT for everybody, but it IS for some! And it may be for YOU!!! I would LOVE to show you how to join our team and help you jump start your business so you can start making extra income and changing lives. That may sound cheesy, but when I get a voicemail from the mother of two toddlers who FINALLY has energy to play with her kids and get all the things she needs to get done around the house, in tears because she is so grateful to me for introducing her to Advocare, I DO feel like I’m changing lives! And the stories don’t stop there….I have SO many more success stories I could share- like the bride-to-be who is getting into the BEST shape of her life for her wedding day and honeymoon!! Or the friend who was considering gastric bypass, but is now trying to achieve her weight loss goals through hard work, a healthier diet, new workouts, & Advocare products! Ahhh, it never gets old!!!!

Helping people become healthier is a passion of mine, and teaching and encouraging are my gifts. Advocare has been the PERFECT opportunity for me, and I am SO very thankful to my friends who introduced it to me (even though I was mega skeptical!). I’m definitely a skeptic turned believer. And I know it could be an AWESOME opportunity for many of you as well!!!

As always, you can e-mail me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them, or at least get you in touch with someone who can!  This has been an incredible journey already since we said “YES!” to Advocare on March 11th…and I am SO looking forward to what’s ahead!!!!!


Lily said...

...I'm glad you are so happy with your results and hard work, but with all of the advocating you are doing, it makes me think this is a pyramid scheme, like a distributor mainly wants people to sign up so he or she can make more money. Just a thought.

*Butler, Party of 2* said...

To be honest, Lily... I thought the same thing at first. After doing some research, it's really not like that. It's called Multi-level marketing....just like Mary Kay, Monavie, or Tupperware. Pyramid schemes are illegal, so the gov't would have stopped it by now if it was like that.

It's called direct sales, and we are teams. I've never been part of such a HELPFUL business in my life- where it's honestly not a competition and everyone is super supportive and encouraging.

The reason I want to hook my friends and family up with this opportunity is because I have several friends who I've helped make around $500 in their first few weeks with Advocare!! Am I benefiting from that some? Sure. But they are making money thy wouldn't have made without Advocare! And I'm teaching/coaching them on how to be successful with it.

I just thought I'd put the opportunity out there for anyone who is interested. Like I said, it's not for everyone! And just like anything else, ya get out what you put in! :)

Kae* said...

I am so glad you shared this because after reading about your changes from yesterday's post I checked it out. I am def looking into it in May, and of course I would go through you! :)
I have been working my tail off and not lost a pound. I am getting extremely reading this makes me happy and excited! :)
Thank you friend!!!

Laura Jennings said...

It sounds good, but those MLM are only good for so long

*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Maybe so...but I'm thankful for the extra money while it lasts. Ive made over $2000 this past month....which is $2,000 I wouldnt have had! Plus, there are thousands who have made a great living with Advocare for several years. I think it's honestly about how much time you're willing to our into it and staying consistent. Lots of people give up...Like anything else, you get out what you put in! I'm SUPER excited about all the possibilities with this business, and love knowing that I'm helping people get healthier and reach their goals in the process (which is why I became part of this to begin with!). The extra income is just a bug added bonus! :)

Rachel said...

I have a friend that had some real success with Advocare and with my wedding coming up in September, 10 year high school reunion, showers, pictures, etc. I am totally interested in ordering this system! I am a little confused as to what I need to order though
Congrats on your success! I am looking forward to the challenge!