Thursday, February 16, 2012

What to Eat to LOSE Weight!!

I have a few friends at work who are following this guide and have seen GREAT results!! One of my friends said she thinks of it as a game to try to incorporate all of these foods into her diet daily. It does take a lot of planning and may seem challenging at first, but the goal is to ultimately make this type of eating a lifestyle. image

{If you can’t see that, you can also click HERE.}

Here’s how it works…you can eat any food on this list (according to the listed serving size)….But in the following serving amounts:

Proteins- 3x day

Starches- 3x day

Veggies- 4x day

Fruits (before 3 p,m)- 3x day (one must be an orange)

**Sugar-free Jello 3x a week at night

I like this plan because it incorporates REAL, healthy foods and gives your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs. The high fiber foods keep you feeling full and promote healthy digestion.

I remind myself when I am making a healthy choice (and everyone else around me is eating JUNK!) that I may be helping my body fight off future illnesses or diseases. Food is fuel and can be the best medicine (and prevention) if we use it correctly, as intended.


Lauren said...

Great job on eating so healthy!


Running for the Kitchen said...

thats awesome! its so great that your friends are doing it too, great support!
id love to do that, just nix the jello for me. it grosses me out and the whole gelatin thing weirds me out

the wyrick's said...

hi!!! i stumbled upon your blog through a friends and i find you to be so inspiring....spiritually, physically and everything else in between. obviously, you are very careful of what you put into your body and thought you might want to take a look at a product that i have been on for a couple of years. you may have heard of it, but it's called Juice Plus. you can check out this website for more information.... just fyi...this is not a synthetic vitamin, but complete whole food of fruits and vegetables in capsule or chewable form. anyways, just thought i would share some good information since you seem to always do the same!! :)

Karm said...

wow!! Thanks for posting, I needed some help in this area. haha