Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight & a Leg Workout

This article, 18 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight, is spot on and lines up exactly with the healthy lifestyle habits we promote with AdvoCare. If you’re at a plateau or struggling to get weight off, it may be worth checking this out to troubleshoot & see if any of these could be the culprit.

Also, wanted to share this kick booty leg workout!! I lifted heavy and rested very little between sets, but started running out of time and started super-setting at the end. Don’t forget your Post-Workout Recovery after because that junk is intense.


Facebook Page & Instagram

Well, I guess it was time for me to ‘get with the times.’

It took me FOREVER to come around to IG, and now I LOVE it. Fo real, I post at least 2-3 times a day.

If you wanna follow there, my username is danielleb2922 or you can just click Here.


And as much as I would love to accept everyone as friends on FB, I thought it’d be much easier to just create a FB page for the blog. Problem solved, right? I love me some social media, so I post pretty often.


Here is a link to the page: (It’s just Butler, Party of 3. Creative, huh?)

Butler, Party of 3 on Facebook

Thanks for following along with all of our fun!

Kopecky/MacKay Chicago Wedding

Michelle is one of my FAVORITE people! (I am just now realizing I say that about everyone…but I can’t help it. When I love you, I REALLY love you!)

She is a tall drink of water (is that weird for me to say? she’s a formed volleyball player) whom I have had the privilege of meeting and becoming dear friends with through AdvoCare. She is absolutely beautiful inside & out and truly radiates the joy of the Lord. She loves everyone, is so funny/goofy, and the kind of person who you just can’t help smile around. She has introduced me to a ton of her friends & family, whom naturally I also adore. (Loved meeting all of you at the wedding this weekend. Y’all are even BETTER in real life!) Seriously, they are all precious & I so enjoyed getting to give them all hugs and get to talk them for a few minutes.

Justin & Michelle live in Baton Rouge, but the wedding and reception were in the suburbs of Chicago (she is originally from Illinois) about an hour outside of the city. Jonathan & I were honored to be invited to witness such a special day in Michelle & Justin’s lives. We’d been looking forward to celebrating this sweet couple, and it definitely did NOT disappoint… I’ll tell ya one thing…they sure know how to do weddings in IL!

It was a super quick trip for us. We flew in to Chicago early Friday morning and headed right back out Saturday morning. We rented a car…red Ford Focus parked in V-16!


We arrived at the hotel early enough to see Michelle & her gorgeous bridesmaids getting ready. She looked like wedding Barbie! (And I was not kidding…girlfriend looks like a model. I had heels on here and she was in flip flops. And I’m 5’5 1/2”!!)


Jonathan & I went to eat lunch with James at Whole Foods. Seriously LOVE me some Whole Foods & was able to keep it clean on the challenge. We always have such a blast hanging out with him (and Mariah, but she was one of those gorgeous bridesmaids I was talking about). We got ready & rode over to the wedding with James too. Glad we didn’t have to navigate by ourselves!

Nothing like an “in front of the hotel door” pic, right?


Jonathan snapped this one without me knowing. I guess he wanted to document that I actually halfway fixed my hair for once. I know, that is definitely worth getting on record. (If you’re wondering about the necessities in that clutch- cell phone, lip gloss, and Carb-Ease! The essentials, of course.)


Big Jon in a suit= FIIIIIIIIIYAH!!! Seriously, he is such a stud and looks so handsome dressed up.



The church was absolutely beautiful, but Michelle totally stole the show. She was SO, SO stunning and absolutely glowing. Her dress was perfect. The ceremony was incredibly sweet and  I really, really loved the music- the vocalists did a beautiful job and I loved their song choices.


First time seeing his bride! So sweet. He was precious during the ceremony.


There she is!!


My favorite part of the whole thing was that Michelle & Justin served communion to their guests. I have never seen that and it was so special and unique. Just shows their servant hearts and love for others.


First kiss as Mr. & Mrs.!!


Jonathan & I sent a selfie an ussie home to Baby Jase after the ceremony.


The reception was GORGEOUSSSSS!!! Dinner was fantastic, the cake was beautiful (reminded me of mine…maybe part of why I loved it so much), and the company was awesome. Loved our table & getting to meet sweet new friends. They had us cracking up laughing all evening.



Of course, photo booth fun!

Seriously, is that not a gorgeous wedding/reception/bride?

Glad for some quality time with this beaut too. Isn’t that bridesmaid dress stunning?


Such a special day for a special couple.

We woke up super early Saturday morning to head back to the airport. I’ve been to Chicago before (I went in high school for a softball tournament), but Jon has never been so I’d like to go back to Chicago sometime when we can explore.


We had to hurry to get HOME to this though…


Love you two dearly & praying the Lord uses your marriage in a mighty way!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sweet journey.

24 Day Challenge Update

I told you guys I would keep you posted on our challenge…so here it is so far!

I am not posting my final weight/measurements till the end of the challenge (which is really more of the beginning than the end), but I am seeing some MAJOR progress! Today was day 13, and y’all, I FEEL INCREDIBLE.

Lots of people see great results during their cleanse phase, but everyone’s body reacts differently. For me, I always see the biggest results during the max phase (which I am not a few days into- woo hoo!). My energy is back up and I am seeing my body transform. I am beyond thankful and blessed God allowed me the opportunity to nurse Jase for as long as I did, but not going to lie…I am also super happy to have MNS & the Performance Elite line back in my life. I’m going to soak it up and enjoy them while I can!!

SO, here are my current “progress” pictures. I think pictures tell more than numbers anyway. The picture on the left was on May 9th at James & Mariah's wedding. (I’m sorry my before picture had to come from y’alls wedding, #jariah…it was one of the more recent ones I could find.) And here is last night (7/25), which was day 12! I can definitely see a difference in my mid-section, arms, legs, and even face...but more than anything…I am PUMPED about how I feel & that the sweet tooth is GONE!! Hallelujah! Falling in love with the products all over again.


Glad I could wear that black dress again & didn’t have to waste money buying something new. (That bad boy wouldn’t zip there for a little while after Jase.)

I really need to post a picture of Jonathan’s pants too. He has lost a TON of inches in his waist and his suit pants are HUGE on him now. He’s kept his size everywhere else, but his waist is looking slimmer for sure. (So much so that he wants to go buy new suit pants in a smaller size. I may just have to take those bad boys in myself. Obviously I’m still ‘frugal’ cheap.)

Also, wanted to give a huge shout out to all of the challengers rockin it out with us. You guys have been such an encouragement and so inspirational. Love all the support in our FB group, and especially love hearing all of your results and progress. This is the kind of feedback we’re getting. I blocked out the names to protect everyone in our ‘secret coaching group’ but this is from one of the guys on the challenge with us.


Can’t wait to see what the next couple weeks have in store!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dinner Date with the Doss’

Ryan & Dana are some of our FAVORITE people. We always have such a relaxing time with them & enjoy the conversation so much. They have similar life goals to us so we always talk about our big dreams and how we can make them happen. If you don’t have friends like that, I encourage you to find some.

We decided on a kid-free dinner date to catch up & headed to One Blue Duck. We went on the 4th of July with my parents & is was delish, so we were happy to go back! Most of their food is organic, locally grown, and farm-to-table, and I love that they have such a unique menu. Plus, I was on day 10 of my cleanse and appreciated they had a healthy option for me.

In typical Doss/Butler fashion, we wrapped it up with a mini i-phone photo shoot before heading home to see our sweet boys.


Love my sweet SEEEESTER & so beyond excited for her to be able to be home with her sweet Vann man this year. Dana is rockin with some AdvoCare & it is allowing her to walk away from teaching to be home this year. So thankful for that blessing and answered prayer!! Love you three!

Fun with the Adams Family

We LOVE Brian, Laura, & Braylon and are so thankful for any time we get to spend with them. The mommies, daddies, and babies are all BFFs!! Cool, huh? The boys are 2 1/2 weeks apart so they’ve been buddies since the womb.

They came over last week and we went on a fun adventure walk with the boys. Both Jase & Braylon had a BLAST & loved all the fun scenery. One of my favorite things about where we live is the awesome location. We are next to the lake & we back up to a pasture, so it makes for some neat walks for sure.

We cranked some Pandora & hiked it to the park. The boys fed some ducks (they really liked the plain Organic O’s) so they ended up following us and finding us over at the lake. Brian fished for about 2 minutes and we thought it was going to start pouring, so we decided to head home just in case because we were over a mile away from the house & didn’t want to get stuck out in a downpour with the babies.


They are getting SO big! It’s such a joy watching them grow. They are hilarious & had us cracking up!!




The rain held off, so we ended up getting to check out the cows before we went home.




Are they not the cutest?


We came home and had a delicious feast of a dinner before they had to head home for bed time.  Don’t worry…dinner was all cleanse- approved! Laura is not even through with her 24 Day Challenge yet & is straight rockin it out…down to pre-pregnancy weight! whoop whoop!

I always cherish my time with Laura…such a true and LOYAL friend! And I know Jon enjoys hanging out with Brian. Love doing life with them and thankful we get to raise our boys together! Such a fun night catching up with sweet friends.